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Welcome to Roleplay-of-the-OCs. This is a roleplay group to roleplay your OCs in the following categories; wolves/dogs, cats, and humans. If you do not feel comfortable showing how you look for Human Rp, then feel free to make a Human OC.
Founded 3 Years ago
Oct 30, 2011


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462 Members
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Member List.

W O L V E S & D O G S ;
He has always been on his own and has never had an owner. He has no known family and no specific pack of sorts. He is 3 dog years old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Her mother and both sisters were murdered in their sleeping when she was very young. She has learned to care for herself. She is 4 wolf years old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

She has always lived with just her mother and father. She has no littermates and has always hated sunlight. Her parents tend to pester her, so she always seems annoyed. She is 2 wolf years old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Holli Yukiro-Evi Kyo
Once again abandoned Kyo still wanders the forest,escaping hunters and scientists,othe than the Creaters themselves. Kyo seems to love to cheer people up, but most of the time she is sad herself. She is 15.
- HolliKyo :iconhollikyo:

A black wolf who looks fierce, and acts tough, but really isn't, he's a bit soft, and a little silly at times, but mostly tries to maintain a toughguy persona. He is 2^3/4 (about 20 in dog years).
- TigerDragonV :icontigerdragonv:

Kind of a lone wolf, Yoke tends to hide in the shadows. Although he may seem intimidating at first, all he ever really wanted was a friend. He has jet black fur, a torn up ear, and one eye is black, the other is white with a black ring around it. He is 19.
- bambi-xrave :iconbambi-xrave:

Avion is a very light brown wolf, with light, almost white eyes. His fur is very thick, escesualy around his neck and chest, were his fur is a darker brown. His under tail is also the same colour as his chest, but with spots of white on the tips, on his paws and around his eyes.
Avion grew up in a traveling circus, there to make sure when people came, that none would sneak out after the beginning of the show around the back to steal or whatever they had in mind. His is 6.
- Wolvesmaycry :iconwolvesmaycry:

Ben is your average looking german shepherd with a light build, some scars, and pale blue eyes. He grew up on the streets in a pack of stray dogs who would go around picking fights and stealing things. The alpha, a dog named Scorpion, wasn't a very good leader in Ben's opinion, so one day he challenged him for the spot of alpha. The two got in a deadly fight, and it got so bad that Scorpion tried to surrender. Ben killed him anyway because Ben's a huge jerk and I don't want to go into details because this is getting kind of long. Anyways, after that most of the dogs in the pack were scared of him and eventually everyone just left when Ben wasn't looking because they didn't like him and he was kind of a terrible leader. With no one to live with, Ben began to wander around on his own and go on his own misadventures. He is 4.
- MEOW----MEOW :iconmeow----meow:

Night Angel
She has a pure black coat. Strong-willed, tough, and tempermental. Very agile, and seems to disapearwithout a trace at will, going into the shadows. Great ally, fearsome enemy. She prefers to be called 'Night', not 'Angel'. Only a few may call her 'Angel,' and even they are wary of using the name. She's skinnier and smaller than the usual doberman. Despite her apprearance and the lookof confidence in her eyes, she's actually very unsure of herself. She used to be in a street pack, but was kicked out (for reasons known only to her ) She's now a stray with no home, no family, and no friends--yet. She is 15 in human years.
- WanderingDraconis :iconwanderingdraconis:

Soul Vaughn
Generally very friendly and usually happy. She is usually calm when it comes to a situation that deals with a battle. Until someone insults her for being a half breed. Keeps past hidden from others mostly. She is 17 human years.
- TanyaTheCat :icontanyathecat:

A playful, fun-loving wolf, with a thirst for adventure
Griffin( is her mate. Looking for a nice pack to call home. Loves the outdoors and traveling and is 16.
- Rocky-Stray :iconrocky-stray:

She's a very calm and collected person who likes to be a leader, she doesn't like to many people saying things at once or she'll start to freak out. She's also very gentle but very strict when need be. She is 4 wolf years.
- umberonstar :iconumberonstar:

Rodrick Stone-Field
Rodrick is an easy going lad however very insecure, once he makes a friend he will stick to them like glue, known to have a big deal of loyalty . He is quite pitiful and nervous about most things he does have an advantage of speed, Un-forchantly he has anger issues so he looses his mind quite easy. Sometimes he is far too 'censored' about things but he can be such a tease and wind others up easily. Rodrick is very logical about things and seems to notice things easier than others but doesn't react too soon. His colours are drained, he has no colours, just shades of Black,Grey and white. He is 18.
- ThisxLife :iconthisxlife:

She loves to chase things, or get chased. She is kind to best friends, but she can be vicious or startling. She is 19.
- PintoFire :iconpintofire:

Cocky and sarcastic but a totally wimp. Koda lost his mum to a hunter and his dad to another pack of wolves. His siblings were picked off by preditors. He like to act like he knows everything and he's the best but he needs loads of comfort when around strangers and in thunderstorms. He is 7 months old.
- YUNoLetMeBeMe :iconyunoletmebeme:

Biography: A very strong, independent and mature
Diesel has a beautiful golden brown coat with a toasty cream belly and face. He is the last of his species, and because of this, is lonely most of the time. Any females think that he is a monster or disgusting, so he has never had a close relationship with another creature that is at least a little close to resembling his species. Whenever he receives "lovey-dovey" affection, he is reluctant to it at first, but if the ONE special dog were to come across him in his life, he'd be a changed alpha dog forever.
Otherwise, he's a bit of a rebel and is fun to hang around with, but, if you were to mess with him... oh boy.. you're in a bit of a trouble.. He is two years old.
- kyustorm :iconkyustorm:

She likes attention at times, but she really loves leadership. When she isnt trying to steal attention, she is quite shy. She's 18 in human years.
- RoseRoleplayLover :iconroseroleplaylover:

She is a very responsible wolf who seems very laid back at first when you first meet her until you see that she's very active. She's a great, open friend to have, but she's also a bad enemy when necessary: She will protect the ones she love, for she's no coward, and she feels comfortable speaking her mind. She's 3 years old.
- Mewn-san :iconmewn-san:

C A T S ;

A stunningly beautiful tabby she-cat with one green eye and one blue eyes. She is 20 moons old. She is one of to personalities; Nice and evil. She has the sweetest, most innocent voice you could ever hear, and the most dangerous looking eyes ever. She's a mix of the two. She has never learned to control her anger, and lets it out in flashes of deadly claws and blood. She has never been known for her sanity.
- MasterMorning :iconmastermorning:

A slim she-cat with kind pretty green eyes. Her pelt is soft and it is ginger with white spots like clouds on her ginger pelt.She is sweet, kind and caring. Very loyal and proud, she has a huge will to live. She is a good advice giver. She is always fair and calm. She is very smart and wise for her young age. She can come up with great ideas and plans from the top of her head. She is really swift and fast, moving quickly without a trace or sound. Silent when she runs and jumps, you won't know she is there. She would also love and mate and a family but she is currently patiently waiting. Her best friend is Morningblossom and they have been through a lot together. Feathertail was hypnotized by Zenovia into thinking Morningblossom was evil. But soon Feathertail overcame it and broke free of it. She adores their apprentices Fallenpaw and Sandypaw, they are like family to her.
- kkpaw :iconkkpaw:

Tailos is a 13 year old female. She lost her parents when she was 2 and was taken by shady the dark.
- shadythedark :iconshadythedark:

A pretty ginger she-cat with emerald green eyes. Smart and agile, this she-cat usually isn't spotted easily. If you mess with her you won't know what's coming. A pete but tough young she-cat of 8 moons has lived as a loner for some time. Her mother died when she was a kit, raised by a kind she-cat who was murdered brutally almost 4 moons ago. She misses Bay(what she called her adopted mother) but works hard, following what Bay had taught her. She has lived through hunger, pain and everything else bad. When she came across the clans she started taking bits of food, too hungry to look other places. She hates stealing but it is what keeps her alive. Kind an sweet when you get to know her, she is also very smart and wise for a young age. Vulnerable and cute, none can resit from helping this poor young cat. She joined the clan and found her sister, Fallenpaw. They have a special bond. They can actually speak in their minds. They also can feel what each other is feeling and when one is hurt, the other gets the same wound. They are inscepuratable and are always together.She found out that Morningblosom is her aunt but so is Zenovia... She also found out that Zenovia murdered her mother. She hates Zenovia and wants to revenge her mother's death. Her mother often speaks to her and Fallenpaw in their dreams.
- kkpaw :iconkkpaw:

A she-cat who is 18 moons old.
To be continued.
- kkpaw :iconkkpaw:

A slender ginger 8 moon old she-cat with emerald green eyes. Quick and clever, she isn't caught easily. If you mess with her or try to hurt her, you'll meet you're match! She is really very sweet. Her sister is Sandypaw, what they don't know is that they actually have a brother. She joined the clan soon after her sister did. She and Sandypaw have a special bond.(if you want to know more look at Sandypaw's bio cuz at the end it describes them both.)
- kkpaw :iconkkpaw:

A skinny 12 moon old she-cat with long legs and slightly bigger ears. Her fur is a mix of black and a darker gray with light gray on the tip of her tail. She is rather drawn back, and spends most of her time alone. She passes the time by hunting, swimming and doing other things she loves. Despite her drawn back nature, she is really nice once you get to know her.
- SnowyLuxray :iconsnowyluxray:

Used to belong to BloodClan, therefore haveing the large claws and teeth and the studded collar. He is 43 moons old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Used to be a kittypet with her sister Shine-eye. She is 26 moons old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Used to be a kittypet with her sister Dawnsong. She is 26 moons old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Shine-eye's son. Has always lived in the clans. He is 10 moons old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Cahil is an interesting tom, to say the least. With distinctly green fur and stunning gold orbs, he couldn't hope to be considered normal for a second. With his breed being a Turkish van, he's also large in size and has a strange, natural fascination with water.
He has a cynical, sarcastic air about him, and tries much to hard to act like a "real" cat-- that is, uncaring and hostile. When his guard is down, however, he'll let his true self show; just a big cuddly kitten. Cahil is a stray. He was born into a human residence, but was turned on the streets when the family he lived with moved houses. He lives in the same small, suburban town now, being fed by multiple different houses, none of which he stays with. He's never gone out of the town in his life, but always dreamed about it. There's a world of adventure out there he's been wanting to explore-- perhaps he just needs someone else to just give him a push. He is 20 human years.
- BelieveThePeach :iconbelievethepeach:

ymia is melansitic ticked cheetah who enjoys the company of wolves and smaller cats,she's easy going and relaxed,sometimes a bit pervy
she also enjoys beeing around humans (beeing patted and played with is awesome <3) she has 1 brother Ysuo who is a mix of a maltese and isabelline from collor an dis ticked to. She is 17 human years old.
- Ymia-the-cheetah :iconymia-the-cheetah:

A silvery and grayish she-cat with stunning green eyes that sparkle.She is kind, caring and a deep motherly figure.She is calm, respectable and knows when to hold her tongue.She would not challenge anyone without thinking first. She is sensible and is very intelligent and wise. She is very quick witted. She relies on speed more than strength in battle. With her small body, she can still pack a punch.She is agile, moving quickly and can easily change course.She is loyal and always listens to orders. She would die for her clan and friends.She is fiercely protective of the younger cats.
- kkpaw :iconkkpaw:

He has a gray-ish, brown pelt with deep green eyes. He usually stares at others with a blank stare, giving him a evil look, but really he is a sweet cat the has trouble making friends. He was origionally an ally cat that met with a kittypet everyday named Lilac. One day there was a fire and Lilac died, along with Thronheart's sister and brother. Now he has no living family, or so he thinks... He is 14 moons old.
- NxTouko4ever :iconnxtouko4ever:

Dropped off as a kitten on the side of the road at a forest. He thought it was just a mistake and they would be back. But after a whole he realized what happened. He was extremely sad. He had to learn how to be good at fighting since all the other cats around weren't very nice to him. He grew to be a sinister cat. He is 16 human years.
- TanyaTheCat :icontanyathecat:

Separated from her family but not at birth it was from being adopted from a pet store. Quite a few years after that the house she was living on caught fire. She was lucky to get out but her owner was not so lucky. Her owner had gotten several severe burns and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. She watched as the ambulance disappeared. She waited several days, then weeks, then even months. But no return feeling abandoned she went off into the forest and learned to live there. She is 15 human years.
- TanyaTheCat :icontanyathecat:

A black, very small and lithe, cat. Her face is speckled with whites and dark grays. She has white paws and white stripes on her plumy tail. Her eyes are a fiery amber. She wears a tattered, green bandana around her neck. Cold and harsh when you first meet her. However, after a while, she lightens up and is a bit playful. She's very sarcastic and is annoyed easily. Kasai isn't shy, she's bold and daring. She's fun to be with if you get on her good side, but not many can get on her good side.
- KoriKasai :iconkorikasai:

Her birth Clan was WindClan but she only spent a weeks of her life there. It was at the age of 17 days old that a hawk attacked WindClan. Wind's legs were not too strong so her running was a weak point meaning the hawk got in just before she was able to hide. The clan was sadden but knew there wasn't any thing that could be done. Wind was grabbed around her face and After awhile of flying back to its nest the weather became so harsh for the hawk to keep hold of the tiny kit. The hawks sharp claw had ripped across winds left eye, while the strong wind pushed her out of its grab, making her blind in it. The harsh wind sent the young kit flying while the heavy rain pushed her down. She mewled out for her dear little life all the way. She found her self close enough to grab hold of a branch but her claws where to small to hold on for but a few seconds. falling more back she hit her head against another branch. blood flying through the air she lost memory of what life she lived. all she remembered now was awaking in a bush and looking up to three shadow clan members looking down to her. Runningnose, oakfur and littlecloud had saved winds life, especially runningnose being the medicine cat he knew exactly what to do. She knew nothing of her breath mother or home, but wind knew without shadowClan excepting her she would be nothing.
- HimitsuOkami :iconhimitsuokami:

She's a wonderful leader,friend, and ally. She's caring and protective, especially of kits (she's an amazing mother-figure to the kits in her free time). Open to all viewpoints and personalities except those related to coldness (she'd bite right back if faced with a very cold remark), she's active and loves to be a part of clan duties and, again, especially watching over kits. Also, she's named after the fire-like mark on her chest, and she fights with a perserverance and a seriousness that even makes her seem graceful. SHe's 8-9 moons old.
- Mewn-san :iconmewn-san:

Sandkit, Timberkit, Oak, Pinekit, Tidekit (left to right)
Sandkit and Timberkit were born 1 month ago in a deep dark cave. They still remain there today. Oak was born in a kittypet house, his mother went to become a warrior and he never saw his family again. Pinekit was born unexepctly and her mother left her. She met Tidekit and they became best friends. They go and feed Sandkit and Timberkit in the cave.Sandkit is a shy, caring, loving little kit. She cares for anyone she knows. Timberkit hates fun and is always talking about loyalty. Oak is just a bossy kitty-pet with a diamond collar. Pinekit is sweet and loving. She wishes to have kits of her own someday. Tidekit loves moss, and wants to help cats when hes older.
- Tigermasked50:icontigermasked50:

Shard is a 7 moons old tabby she-cat with red eyes. Her claws are as sharp as daggers, but she is easily influenced by the evil lurking in her home. Her pelt is pitch black with a crescent moon on her forehead. Her mother and father abandoned her at a young age, only because she was sleeping during their clan's departure.
She later becomes corrupted by the evil surroundings her, and she starts to train to defeat anyone who gets in her way with a fatal blow. Her aim is to shatter the clans and rule over them.
- TheKnightofAsh:icontheknightofash:

Fragment is Shard's trusted sister and lieutenant. Her eyes are also red and she has the same crescent moon, only in a black color, unlike her sister's white one. They are sort of like yin yang, and Fragment... Has the same goal as
as her sister, Shard. (Both names are synonyms!) Like Shard the the muscle, she is the mastermind behind this. She can sometimes read the future. She plans the possible outcomes, lies in wait and keeps planing out everything. One could say she's a strategist . She usually is the one to visit the clans, pretending to be helpless since her sister is being hunted by the clans. She is also 7 moons but Shard was born first.
- TheKnightofAsh:icontheknightofash:

H U M A N S ;

Bleach Blonde hair and green eyes. Personality...Pretty undescribable.
- flufferBug :iconflufferbug:

He has bright green cat-like eyes and ink black hair. He is somewhat shy, and loves the water. He is 27 years old.
- MasterMorning :iconmastermorning:

a 16 year old female. RP with her and find out her bio.
-MikalaLD :iconmikalald:

Read about him here >>
- MasterMorning :iconmastermorning:

Kim Ki Mi (Or Just Ki Mi pronounced Key-Me)
Ki Mi is a 16 year old half wolf girl, she has the tale and ears of a wolf. She spent most of her time in an Orphanage, were she one of the only girls, The owner of the foster home was mean and locked her in a closet most of the time but even tho she didn't really make friends with the other children she still thought of them as family. When ever someone was younger than her she would take care of them and never let anyone or thing hurt them. Shes afraid of people hurting her. She wont talk to you unless you talk to her first. she doesn't trust most people but if you earn her trust she will protect you the best she can, even if that means dieing herself.
- Katie-Kimii :iconkatie-kimii:

Tom Spencer
Tom is a fairly chill 18 year old guy he has a knack for making friends with people others would call 'weird' because they are just more fun to be around. he lives in his truck and draws pictures of people for money. Tom is an average hight and weight (not to thin not to fat) he has shaggy light brown hair and brown eyes.
- Aikaze-soungu :iconaikaze-soungu:

A young 21 year old girl with long, silky smooth brown hair, pretty brown eyes. She wears glasses when she has to and had braces. Very kind and caring, Athena would help anyone and is nice to anyone nice to her. She always looks to the bright side but sometimes will have doubts about herself and other things. She is very clever, wise and intelligent. She got straight A's in school and wants to go to colledge but can't afford it at the time. She was always top in her class, she isn't rude or mean. She wants to be a sceincetist and is great with detail, she can take knowledge, gain more and twist it o be more accurate. She has a way with words and can have you believing what she is saying. She loves Vito and recently found out he loves her back. More on her bio, rp and find out more!
- kkpaw :iconkkpaw:

Alexis Hart
Alexis was born in Chicago. Raised there, she was often called a 'rampaging lesbian,' due to the fact that she iss one. Alexis tends to be completely open about it, in fact, flashing it. Alexis lives with her parents and is single. Again. he is 16.
- AlphaShardSilly :iconalphashardsilly:

She has very yellowish blonde hair in a pixie cut with longer bangs swept to the right, covering one of her deep brown eyes and curling twice at the tip. Somewhat of a loner, moody and anti-social, unless you are persistent. She is 19 years old.
NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Pale blonde hair and golden eyes. He wears baggy jeans and t-shirts and tends to have a black coat with fur on the hood on cold days and always has a bat with him for emergency protection. He's really into zombies though the idea freaks him out. He is really into sports, especially baseball. But he despises American football for personal reasons. He is 17 years old.
NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

He has white fox ears and tail and platinum hair. His eyes are icy blue and he wears simple clothing. Just a crude shirt and shorts with several tears from his living location. He is easy going and kind. Very respectful to others. He and his sister Demhi had a very rough past and had to live in the forest so as not to be labeled as freaks. He is 24 years old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Red fox ears and tail and ginger hair with yellow tips. She has bright amber eyes with no pupils, causing her blindness. For clothing she has a tattered and plain dress. She is short-tempered and easily angered. She has little patience because she is blind and hates when people complain. She and her brother Sariah had a very rough past and had to live in the forest so as not to be labeled as freaks. She is 21 years old.
- NiGHTMaReoFiNSaNiTie :iconnightmareofinsanitie:

Long brown hair with beautiful blue/green eyes. She's not the tallest but she can fight. She's fast and carries a long scythe where ever she goes. She got sepereated from her parents when she was little so ever sense she's been wandering around the forrest looking for them of anything that might lead her back home. She's very stubborn, loyal, and sometimes a bit harsh, but on her best days she can be a real good friend. She is 16.
- Titanairbenderpony :icontitanairbenderpony:

Dark black hair and pale skin. Hates almost everything under the sun and you don't want to be on his bad side. He's a city boy that has a special, mysterious, magic power. He is 17.
- Titanairbenderpony :icontitanairbenderpony:

Belatrix is a 19 year old witch that lives in the woods. She has pitch black hair and pale white skin. She rules over all the animals in the woods. With her black magic she scares away everyone she meets. She always gets what she wants. At any cost.
- Titanairbenderpony :icontitanairbenderpony:

Elenor (Ellie) Blake…
Biography; Elenor is tough and unpredictable, especially personality wise. One moment she can be sweet, the next, she could be beating you up-side the head. She can usually get along with anyone and is fairly open minded. She's incredibly agile and fast. She can pack a punch too. She has a loyal and caring heart, not to mention a great singing voice. She is 18.
- LizzieDlove :iconlizziedlove:

Callie Roberts
Callie has pretty red curly hair, the exact color is Aurora Red with Sunkist Coral highlights. It comes to a little past her shoulders. She has striking greens eyes with golden flecks in them. She is tight and fit standing at about 5'5". She has some freckles on her face but not too many. Being a sassy red head she is semi-white but is also somehow tanish. Just enough to make her different than other redheads. Callie an average student getting B's sometime A's. She is deffently a sassy redhead but also has a sweet side. She likes to make jokes and laugh but also likes little things. Like being called pretty or just something sweet. She can be very romantic at times but only when she feels it's right. She hopes to one day find someone that likes her for her not for her families money or the things she gets. She is 18.
- Leopardtail101 :iconleopardtail101:

Maribell Watson
Born into a family of assassins, Maribell was often considered an outcast among her peers for being 'too nice'. After all, an assassin was supposed to be someone ruthless and unforgiving, two things that Maribell was not. While she was determined to finish her assignments, she lacked the killer instinct that the other's had. Failing a major assignment, she was demoted to being a trainee. She sits at home, studying in hopes to regain her previous position. She is 16.
- Natoiya :iconnatoiya:

Rune Neve…
Rune was born into a family with a long history for thievery, so it was only expected that he had taken the same path as those before him. Although, despite his family’s history, Rune’s sleight of hand is… Less than subpar. What he lacks in his thieving skills he makes up in attitude and temper. The boy is like a short fuss and his attitude tends to get him into tight situations. But while he does have some major attitude problems, Rune is a loyal companion and, once you’ve gained his trust, he’ll have your back through thick and thin. Just expect a bit of a bumpy, sarcastic road if you are trying to gain his trust. Rune spends a good portion of his time sleeping up in trees and eating whatever he can find, normally fish, which he has picked up quite a knack for cooking over the year. But, as one can expect, Rune’s laziness is one of the main reasons he makes for an awful thief. Rune lived out in the country with his family until he was seventeen, when he decided to leave home. Because of this, he sometimes dressing a bit old-timely and becomes nervous when put into a city setting. He is 18. **More to be established in roleplays!**
- NaiveSagittarian :iconnaivesagittarian:

Okay, so Lyra was never a normal person. Not her personality, sense of humor, or talents. Lyra's hair is naturally a dark brown-ish blonde, and her eyes are an emerald-grey color. After an encounter with a fortune-teller/voodoo lady, Lyra found she had the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. Lyra likes to compete, but doesn't always go for the gold when she does. Lyra is extremely laid back for someone that's going to medical school and acts very childish. She tries to be friends with everyone, loves icecream, and occasionally bites people. She is 19.
- walrusbutt :iconwalrusbutt:

Bambi E. Lee
Info here >>…
- Ask-Bambi :iconask-bambi:

Was born in a rich family as deafmute, because of being born as one, her family abandoned her and let her die, the reaper didn't want a baby to die so he took her in, resurrected her and raised her like his own child, he gave her a second chance to live, making her immortal, he gave her a job to live for, he made her a semi-reaper. She is clueless about "feelings/emotions/expressions, etc." since she died. She likes dresses.
- mr-puffpuff :iconmr-puffpuff:

Info here >>…
- mr-puffpuff :iconmr-puffpuff:

Rita was born into a group of adventures eventually she became an orphan after a huge fight that wiped away all of her clan. Soon a pack of wolves found her and raised her in their ways. Now she a great and beautiful fighter among the wolves, humans, and cats but prefers to live in the forest. She is 17.
- Medidi4 :iconmedidi4:

Aileen Dare
Aileen wasn't a normal girl. Her mother didn't have a normal job and neither did her father. She suffered through many trials in order to protect her younger brother Ross. As a result, this has made her quite an interesting person with some extraordinary powers.
- iluvtosinglalala :iconiluvtosinglalala:

This 20 year old is snarky and independant, a person that takes almost everything you say seriously, even if it's only to spite you. His hair is alabaster-white, slightly spiked, and his eyes are a dark grey, making them appear almost black. Under his eyes are ligt purple rings, hinting at his insomnia. Because of this, he is often times cranky, or seems like it until he warms up to you, which is why you can't pull any expression from him besides maybe a smirk. Icynic has a small German tilt to his voice and often falls back into it when he's talking. Even in a bad situation he'll lighten the mood-or irritate everyone- with his sarcastic speaches. He doesn't believe in relationships, thinks they're a waste of time, and when angered, obtains an almost split personality which leads people to think he's bipolar too. ( Which has been a problem in the past, considering he already looks pretty sketchy.) Icynic also has a small drinking problem, but he only does it because it makes him oblivious to most everything that's happening around him- how he'd prefer it to be.
- walrusbutt :iconwalrusbutt:

A tall young man with brown hair that always seems to be untidy. His sea blue eyes are kind, they always seem to reflet his emotion. TBC
- kkpaw :iconkkpaw:

Bio: Okami has never fit in... never will his character can change along with his age. Okami has the ability to turn to a werewolf on Blue Moon Nights. He is a talkative guy. He is cute, sneaky(not), and flirty. He gets more along with girls but likes guys mostly. His young twin sister is a white wolf while he is a black/grey. He is 15.
- Maplelatte :iconmaplelatte:

She is unlike her gay twin a straight girl who hates flirty people. She is soft, kind, and a girly girly.(lol she's my persona like Okami but im the opposite of her ;u; and im a girl lol)She is a sharp girl. She is currently single like her brother. She hopes to find her ideal boyfriend soon. She is 14.
- LKGPfan :iconmaplelatte:

She's spunky and does what she wants. She left her parents house the minute she could walk and has never turned back. Has short, layered brown hair with a green streak on her bangs. Her ears and tail have black fur. She is 15.
- Titanairbenderpony :icontitanairbenderpony:

A bit quiet, unlike his sister Lark, who is crazy. He's the oldest sibling and has tried looking out for Lark as long as he can remember. He has short, messy brown hair and his ears and tail have orange fur. He is 17.
- Titanairbenderpony :icontitanairbenderpony:

*Full of energy, ideas and joy of life, very self-confident, narcissistic, selfish, manipulative, spoiled
*Doesn’t really care about others' feelings, but is quite good at acting that he does. Bullied other kids at school. Has been in a few relationships and failed all of them horribly.
*Hates romantic and sentimental stuff, rarely develops emotional link with someone
*Despite his looks, he can stand up for himself. You won’t hear him complaining and he doesn’t ever feel sorry for himself, he knows it’s up to him to make himself happy and he’s very good at it.
*Enjoys provoking people and getting into fights.
*His usually soft manners and tender expressions contrast with his lifestyle - he does a lot of unnecessary stupid dangerous things just to make adrenaline run
*He is 24.
- SnowBanshee :iconsnowbanshee:

Kaede is one of those Happy-Go-Lucky people who likes to laze around in the morning. He can be a devil sort of way. Making people fall for his gazes and cute innocent looks when he's in trouble. One thing he hates are assholes(Lol he's a hypcrite ) He doesn't mind dating any gender. Just don't annoy him or anything. He'll like you if your on his good side. If he doesn't like you he'll spread rumors about you. He is 14.
- Alisuchi :iconalisuchi:

Kitlae is one of those people who likes to laze around in the morning. she's sweet and kind to almost everyone. Making people fall for her gazes and cute innocent looks when she's in trouble. One thing she hates Gosip! She is 16.
- LillystemWarrior :iconlillystemwarrior:

Memory, she is a priestess. she grew up for 7 years in an orphanage called 'white orphanage' and escape from there with the help from someone. As here name, her memory can be arranged; in a sense can be changed and removed. after she escaped, he ventured with someone who has helped, she can use a gun, but not too reliable. Anfter 4 years they parted, and Memory stayed at a villa in the forest that is rarely in visited. she likes to sing. she was very shy, but sometimes the straight forward talk and sloppy. Sometimes her behavior was like a little kid, because she never got any affection from anyone. She is 14
- KeiCosplay :iconkeicosplay:

After his father was killed in the war, he felt honour-bound to serve his king and country, he feels he must fight for what he believes in and never back down. He wanted more than anything to join the army, but an attack from a wolf left him with only one eye, the other was clawed out, so he keeps a neat bandage around it. Unable to join the army and fight, he contented himself with being the officer for a rural town in which he devotes himself, keeping out the worst and the animals. He has short black hair as messy as a pile of leaves, and one bright green eye like fresh grass, and is quite lithe but keeps a long sword at his side. He is 14/15.
- Lunawerewolfy :iconlunawerewolfy:

Lucie was only 12 when she saw a hunter burst into her parent's house and murder them both. After that she never trusted anyone, she also became a hunter but has a revenge plan working inside her mind., does she really realize shes a royal yet? or the fact her whole life was proberly a lie?? Both her eyes are fire orange with a hint of red, Her hair is jet black and falls past her shoulders in soft curls that have a hint of dark red in them, her weapon is a sword she calls 'Seven-blade' a royal weapon that could make even deaths worser than they already are. She keeps it round her waist to ward of strangers. Shes small but strong so dont miss-judge her because she can be sly when she needs to be. She's 16.
- F0rkk :iconf0rkk:

Zelkos Death
Black hair with turquoise tips, pale skin, left eye is yellow while right eye is pale purple. A corset piercing down his right arm and the numbers 231405 tattooed on his left wrist marking him as a metal patient. He was trained at since the moment he could walk to fight since both of his parent were high ranking military officers. At fourteen he was forced to watch as his parents were murdered resulting in him going insane. He was taken to an asylum were he stay until he was fifteen when his mental state was stable enough. He went to live with his uncle who was obsessed with him. When Zelkos refused to sleep with him the teen was tied to a chair and his uncle proceeded to dig metal rings into his right arm ones that could not be taken out with out anything to dull the pain. Then giggling like a child threaded a ribbon through it. He escaped his uncle when he was seventeen and went to the city where he has lived ever since under the watchful eyes of the doctors of the insane asylum where he goes for check ups every week.
- ZelkosDeath :iconzelkosdeath:

Rosielia Glass
Born in Texas, and later moved to Chicago. She ran away to Detroit when she was 15. She became a prostitute and got into drugs. When she was 16 she moved to San Fransisco, where she currently lives. She sucks with money and is obsessed with Cheetos. She's 17.
- Onlytruemushroom :icononlytruemushroom:

Slushie is a very peppy and excited girl. She loves to have fun and she likes to make people feel better. She rarely ever snaps, and if she does it has to be about something big. People usually find her annoying and stupid, even calling her names sometimes and using her to do their dirty work. She can tell when people don't like her but she tries not to let that get to her, and instead of feeling sad, she pushes those feelings away and concentrates on being positive. People also think she's unusually pretty, with her bright pink, mid-back length hair and bright, electric blue eyes. She gets hit on by guys a lot, but she tends to ignore their flirty attempts woo her and just acts friendly toward them. She doesn't want a boyfriend yet, in fact, she might even want a girlfriend. But either way, she isn't ready for the commitment of a relationship and would rather just dance the night away. Her mom and dad passed away in a horrible car accident, and she forcibly tries to block that memory away from her mind, but to no success. She bottles up all her negative feelings and forces the good ones up front. She hates being sad and she hates seeing other people sad, but sometimes she cant help it and cries herself to sleep. Only rarely does she let herself get so emotional, and she hates herself when she does. She is 16.
- ExoticPizza :iconexoticpizza:

Hiroshi Takami (Aoi)
Hiroshi lives with her rich parents. Her parents can give her anything but their time. Hiroshi has a big brother who loves to call her Aoi because of Hiroshi's love of the color blue and Yaoi (boyxboy) Very loud, foul-mouthed, super enrgetic, eccentric and pulls everyone in her mess. But she does that to get attention and not to be left behind. She's 16.
- 3-3BatangPotpot3-3 :icon3-3batangpotpot3-3:

Although Nikki is a normal small-town girl with no real super-impressive talents, she's very happy with her life and loves to make friends. She'll feel a little uncomfortable around people she doesn't know at first, but she'll try her best to fit in and be nice. She's patient and determined when she's making friends, and she's very sweet and open. She's 16.
- Mewn-san :iconmewn-san:

Hikari Primus
Hikari is a half amnesiac E.V.O . She is currently staying with her uncle in Providence.
Full bio can be found here…
- SAMSXCS:iconsamsxcs:

Neko Girl named Skylar she is 17, She is kind and caring but shy at first, She is a half demon and blind in her right eye she doesn't remeber her past.
- LookAtMeImaNeko:iconlookatmeimaneko:

Elvish boy named Leonidas. 16 years old. He is shy and keeps to himself most of the time, but once you get to know him he has a sense of humor and is occasionally a troublemaker. He has a scar on his left eye and can't see out of it, has two black hoop earrings on the top of both ears. he always wears a black gauntlet with a fire symbol on the back of his hand. he has three brothers, his father was murdered, and his mother is insane.
- drawingftw777:icondrawingftw777:

James Edward Williams
James is your average guy... except for the fact that his body is sentient and will take him off right after he finishes driving home from his job. He is fifty five years old but appears to be forty five. He has eternal you and eternal life as long as no one comes a long and kills him. He works as a teacher, is married to a man named Thomas(Tom for short), and has five children; two of whom are married and have families of their own. When James isn't attached to his body, he's just a head, which he finds extremely annoying and irritating because without Taylor(his body) helping him or without the help of others, he can't do anything. He's cheery, down to earth and intelligent. James works as a biology teacher.
- drawitbig:icondrawitbig:

Taylor Fredrick Williams
Taylor is James' body. Taylor has been sentient for all of James' life, but didn't show it until James got older. He likes James a lot, but doesn't like having him on his neck because when James is on his neck, he loses control of himself until he takes James off/James comes off. He considers James' five children to be his children as well, but keeps in mind that James is as much of a father to them as he is. When James isn't teaching, Taylor takes him off his neck, but he keeps him with him at all times. He needs to be touching James to see and he needs James to eat and drink for him. Taylor loves playing soccer and is very much a book worm. James can't really complain about that because he likes to play soccer as much as Taylor does(sometimes Taylor will let James attach to him so he can do some of the things he enjoys) and enjoys reading as well. He and James get along very well and consider each other to be best friends. He is the same age as James and has eternal youth and life as well.
- drawitbig:icondrawitbig:

O T H E R ;

Vampire Mouse
Sapphire is a skilled hunter and fighter and dies this for survival needs, for game is very rare for her. Great with kids, and a bit on the dominant side. She isn't very girly and she lost her parents at a young age as well as being separated from her brother Daine before she was even born. She has a short temper. don't piss her off. She is actually a very gentle character. She's good with young ones and has a love of nature. She loves to play piano and treats the instrument with respect. She's skilled in knife throwing, archery, she had good hand-eye coordination so she can shoot pretty well. Her father taught her these things and her mother taught her piano. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit finished her lessons after her parents deceased and he raised her as his own. She is 127, though she looks 17.
- NinjaSkillz99 :iconninjaskillz99:

When Fate was a human she was depressed, and commited suicide. Other than that, Fate is a Nice person when you get to know her. She hates confilct and does whatever she can to stop it between friends. Fate is Queit and shy, and sometimes is forgotten about. But if Fate decides your time is up, It's like you never existed. Yes, Fates Scythe is Huge, And she carries it with her at all times. She is about 600 years old.
- BluefootTheWarrior :iconbluefootthewarrior:

Muhammad Khairi (Revo Mecha Ari)
Ania Nabella Kassim (Revo Princess Bella)
Seiko Kariyama (Revo Genius Cetto)
Delilah Benjamin (Revo Agent Delilah)
Warren Andy (Revo Warrior Warren)
Alexander Mystiker (Revo Wizard Xander)
Yvonne Amor (Revo Rocker Yvonne)
Zack J. Double (Revo Lypire Zack)
All of them are 22.
Ari, Cetto, Warren, Xander, Zack: Male
Bella, Delilah, Yvonne: Female
The team of 8 heroes who comes from different countries who got powers after got discs from other dimention named 'Revo Changer', they're combination of general fighters, shapeshifters and elementals but they still have much flaws that they forced to face with. They're adventure lover and like to get into the battle. By the way, they're sometimes naughty and like to bully other creatures if they bored.
- veekaizhanez :iconveekaizhanez:

Amber Strain
she found both her parents dead on the kitchen floor on her 5th birthday. she was put in the foster care system, but she ran away when she was nine years old. she has been living on the streets ever since.she has trust issues, she's a bit shy around people she doesn't know. However, once she gets to know them she's pretty talkative most of the time. she's friendly and always try to put her friends first. she can be a trouble maker but she never puts the blame on anyone besides herself. she's fast and sneaky, two good qualities to have when your living on the streets.
- Amber-Strain :iconamber-strain:

she is a middle schooler who become a supernatural being hunter after her parents were killed in a cannibalistic attack and was taken in by Sam winchester just before Dean was raised back to earth from hell. She is violent but silent and talks only when she feels the need to.
- KillaKupcake :iconkillakupcake:

Major was an orphan from age 3 until he was adopted by the captain of a royal palace at age 7. Major was trained to replace him when he had passed, as so it was done. Major was washed away by a flood and has amnesia, remembering nothing but his name and the name of his true love, the banished princess of the same royal palace. Major is strong, stuck up and doesn't show much emotion. He doesn't care about many things, only his most prized possession which is his oddly curved sword. Major will try and fix a weak soul into a strong one but will do it easy enough so that the person can handle it. You'll understand him better once you get started in a roleplay he's in. He's 33 years old.
- drawing1222 :icondrawing1222:

Wrath DeLoncre
Wrath's mother was a Witch, and her father was a human. She is a descendant of a royal witch bloodline, the Deloncre's, who changed their name to De Luc'cie to keep them from dying off. She has been a descendant for as long as she can remember, which is hundreds and thousands of years. She's what they call an "old soul" or a "reincarnation".
In the late 1700's, she was bit by one of the oldest Werewolves in the book, Gerard, who left her stranded to try and conform to her new abilities.
She has a demon inside of her known as the "Wrath" side of her, hence the name. The demon is very particular with who she wants to make fun of and/or talk to, and she's constantly driving Wrath crazy by talking to her in her head.
- Saukra13sasukelover :iconsaukra13sasukelover:
Jynx is just a normal young boy, who is obsessed with flowers and loves plants. However he always seems to get into accidents and gets people hurt. Although he looks kinda normal he is cursed with a Jinx which means he can't be around anyone with bringing them bad luck. He has a bandage over one eye from chemical burns. He loves plants because they regrow after he accidently kills them.
- YUNoLetMeBeMe :iconyunoletmebeme:

Candy Demonicia
Candy is a demon princess living in hell who lost her mother when she was a kid, her father was the killer, but it was for her own best...she have a sad life and are often called disgusting or a monster because she eat and rapes humans or mortal things. She got her first friend when she was a kid who is a doll maid named Sophie.
She now live with a step-mother who is very nice to her and her father... She's 140 years old.
- MoaTheOreoQueen :iconmoatheoreoqueen:

She could be very sassy, and she will go all wolf/werewolf on you if you miff her off. Other than that she's a fun-loving person. She turns into an actual werewolf (wolf/human hybrid, as you see in the chibi next to her pic) on a full moon, but other than that she can access her wolf form (a very well-built and somewhat muscular, relatively large wolf, so much more so than normal wolves 'cause she's a werewolf, the color of her hair), which she usually doesn't prefer to do, or acquire any werewolf traits but not all at once (ex: her eyes could glow yellow, her nails could turn to claws, etc.), which she does a LOT, anytime.
- Mewn-san:iconmewn-san:

Hybrid Panda
Shes a tomboy of course..and..shes basically the animal version of me...Great at art, always fashioning herself..but, she usually wears a red shirt with a black arrow pointing upward,a black hankercheif, and occasional glasses. She has black hair, black legs, black arms (not all the way to shoulders) and red eyes.
- xXBashXx:iconxxbashxx:


You wanna join? If you can edit feel free to edit. If you can't, make a comment with the format filled out correctly;

Human, Cat, Wolf/Dog, or Other?;


Go to this Link; roleplay-of-the-ocs.deviantart…. Make a comment and roleplay! Please R . E . P . L . Y to the comment when roleplaying. To make a new roleplay, please just make a comment. Don't reply to one please. Thank-you! Need any more information about this? Send a note to me, flufferBug.


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heIIish Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
anyone wanna do a furry RP? I'll give you my kik/skype.
- I do Furry, CreepyPasta, Human RPs. Sexual and/or non sexual.-
ironhide970 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Student Artist
okay my oc (autumn platt) is sold to your oc for 19+ stuff and she is new at it so she refuse it so your oc forces it....She is also used to clean the house and stuff like that....

email me

note me!!!!please
Lollierolf Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello,  I wish to have someone Roleplay with me Either Yuri Or Yaoi, (Human) I dont mind. but i also dont mind straight, I'd prefer if it wasnt an 18+ rp but i do them sometimes
Genres i do: Fantasy/Horror/Romance/Action
Master and Slave

Well.. technically nothing
EXCEPT really detailed horror *o*

Note me if you want to be my roleplay-Buddie :}
Animegirl2017 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014   General Artist
Hi, I would really want for someone to roleplay in a Germany/Fem!Italy roleplay with me. I prefer in paragraph style, creative, but still easy to understand sentences. I've only gotten to the fourth season of Hetalia, but I love the idea of Fem!Italy. If you are interested, you can send a note to my roleplaying account, Queen-Drex I have a few ideas planned out, and I hope to see anyone there! :)
Kozekito Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thresh OC by Kozekito  
I'm looking for someone who wants to roleplay with my Merman character, Thresh.
I would like your OC to be a male human. 

I'll explain some ideas I have later if you're interested. ^v^
Treehunned Featured By Owner Edited Oct 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Helllo :dummy:

I'm looking for someone to RP with. I'll mostly RP only with Anthro/Furries. Or even Sonic the Hedgehog OCs.
I like RPing in paragraphs. With nice detail.
There should be a good plot also. And I have absolutely no problem with gore and blood. I like it, in fact. Haha.
I like a bit long-term RPs like.. ones that last one-three months. It can end faster, depending on the plot and how fast it goes.
I can do 18+, of course. Try to avoid fetishes. Also, swearing and cuss words will be used by me, if you dont mind.
I would like to do it through Skype or Facebook.
Using Notes are really tiring. Especially when using the phone.

Respond ASAP! :heart:
Veperine Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey guys, I'm looking for anyone to roleplay with, with my character Veperine. You can find information about her on my profile page.
Veperine and her world is based around general fantasy with magic, swords, knights, dragons, etc... just general fantasy things. :)

If anyone is interested please don't hesitate to poke at me! I'm eager to roleplay :)
utherstymog Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  New member
Looking for a yuri or straight rp can do almost anything im just in a major rp mood! I am warning I am someone who gets kind of atatched to rps and only will let them go if we can end them in a good way or you afk on me for multiple days without warning.
I love:
I can play either gender F/M
ETC send me a note and we an discuss the rp idea
EmgemxSonic Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello all! :star:
I am in search of a Human OC RP. Looking for something realistic, with some romance/friendship. My OC, Skylar, is gay, so I'd really like to have another male partner...preferably one who's dominant, but has a sweet side to him. This can be 18+ if it gets to that point.
Here is Skylar!
Here is his information! (Please don't read it all! It's a ton of information!)

If you're interested, PLEASE note me! :note: We will work out the details together! :aww: 
Thank you! :heart:
cRaZyKiD9219 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Looking for an RP with a female to go with my character

Dominant Female, but isnt afraid to play Submissive either, this will involve fetishes I'll explain in notes. I RP in notes, and am looking for 18+ (Mature)

If anyone's interested pls note me
Animegirl2017 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014   General Artist
Hi, if there is anyone out there who was the time to roleplay, please note me. I feel like I'm on a Writer's Block, and I want to roleplay. I look forward. 

Oh, I forgot to mention this, the genre of the RP can be anything; mystery, fantasy, anything. 

CoffinBunny Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014
hello everyone! i currently seek to do a roleplay in Spanish.. i must practice, and well, it is fun ⌐ 3 ⌐

all details, which are in spanish, are found here!>>

i look forward to it! ;A;
IcedArcane Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heya, looking for an RP partner. 
Now I'm super varied when it comes to RPs but I like romance/action/drama and whatnot. 
I can get very serious in my RPs, but if I lose interest I'll drift into inactivity in it, my more bigger rp has been going on for 2 years now, still strong. 
I do paragraph style, anything 18+ is totally fine! :D (Big Grin)

I'm looking for someone who has many characters, not just one or two, aswell as all sorts. I'm not for anthro but I don't mind.

I have characters like elemental controlling ones, vampires, werewolves, and such... 

These are my OCs, note me if there are any in particular you want to meet first! (most of them) (main oc) (second big group)

However despite all my ocs here, I would really like to do a kinda anime/manga style high school or college story so I'd make my ocs younger for that XD

Thanks! Note me guys! :D (Big Grin)
KikiAndBri Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
New RP request comment:

I have finally upped the list of female OCs I made (only because I cannot make male references on the thing I used. One day I will draw them).

Keep in mind, if it says "unusable", leave it at that. However, here are my ladies:
from left to right: Lucette, Jodi, Denise, Emmeline, Kiki, Rosetta (unusable), Alina, Leslie, Evangeline

from left to right: Cole, Rae, Skylar, Kat, Hannah, Allie, Jaime, Beatrice (unusable), Malice (usable only with demons, because she is a demon).
DeadMaul Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hi. I was a little bored so I was wondering if anyone wants to RP?

I will not do sexual RPs.

Prefer something like fantasy/scifi/survival horror/mystery/whatever

I also would like to add that I never actually do proper RPs so if anyone would show me the ropes on the RP rules that would be great.

By the way, this is my OC.…

He is originally an anthro coyote who is a police officer. But I tend to draw him as a human. So you can choose to RP with me as his human self or his coyote self.

Note me if you're interested and we can discuss.
Hidden by Commenter
zues123555 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Looking for someone to RP with, but first before you say yes, have a look at the characters in my Gallery, then see if you would like to. I am open to a lot of things, the rp will be NSFW if you would like it to. The things I am willing to do are:
Girl x Girl
Girl x Boy
and other things. Things I will not absolutely do are:
Hardcore BDSM
If you see something on the list you would like to ask a question about, feel free to note me about it, I will answer any questions.
Charchap Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Wanna rp girlxgirl?
Hidden by Commenter
TheClashBeatles Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Thank you for letting me join
TheClashBeatles Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Anyone want to RP?
CocoA156 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 10, 2014
Anyone want to do a Zombie Survival RP?
FruitS0 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hallo hallo. I'm searching for a or few roleplay buddies and such. uwu I'll keep this short and sweet.

My roleplays are generally 18+/NSFW with lots of plot or pointless smutty smut smut. Though, I do prefer plot. But anything goes.

Can/Will do; yaoi mostly, het, a little yuri, femboys, kinky stuff (bdsm, master/slave, etc).

Will not do; really weird fucking shit. Like, if it gets to something super weird, expect me to stop LOL

Fandoms I'll do; Kuroko no Basket, SnK, Free!,
Fandoms I'll try at; Tokyo Ghoul, Haikyuu!, RWBY.

I'll do paragraph and script. Everyone loves details so add dat shiz nit in, especially during nsfw scenes. Skype is; FruitS0, and I will also do roleplay in notes (though i'm not on as much as i usually am). If you cannot find me on Skype, note me and I'll get right to you.
Detachments Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
* - * did someone say yaoi?
FruitS0 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did! ; W ;~
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